Here are selected articles, tools, and audiovisual materials to inform your organizing, they cover 3 areas: 1) the rights of residents in foreclosed buildings and other resident housing rights; 2) City Life/Vida Urbana’s organizing approach and movement building process in fighting foreclosures and preventing housing displacement; and 3) description of CL/VU’s organizing model and articles on general political education. We hope they answer some of your questions, but please contact us with further questions and comments at 


Video: Stand Up, Fight Back 

A video produced about the foreclosure crisis and what CLVU is doing about it. 

Stand Up, Fight Back from City Life/Vida Urbana on Vimeo.


City Life/Vida Urbana’s Annual Report, 2010-2012

City Life/Vida Urbana’s Bank Tenant Association Organizing Manual

Housing Rights of Residents in Foreclosed Buildings and Other Residents

Getting Back Your Home After Foreclosure

City Life/Vida Urbana’s Organizing Strategy